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Anthropomaximology is actually a term for something that has been done for many years - the study of how to maximize human performance. So, an anthropomaximologist is a person who helps people perform better.

How to Instill Passion and Purpose in People for Business and Life
I have spent years working with all types of people in all types of businesses to help them become successful. Using powerful, tools - from children's books to gut-level concepts - my work has been to create programs that work for individuals and companies that know that they want more - more sales, more profits, more success.

My business has always been based on
PASSION  >  that emotional "stuff" that makes people perform way above and beyond ordinary performance, and...
PURPOSE  >  hard-eyed/in-the-field basic research on how to help employees work better, smarter, more productively - and happier

What is an Anthropomaximologist?

Someone who helps others
REACH and become
All that they can be!

Photo by Monte Nagler
Three of the secrets of success and high performance:
Tell Yourself:
I decide
I decide Now!
I succeed
I am confident
I calculate carefully
I am motivated
I set goals
I achieve goals
I project success
I present myself well
I use time wisely

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Do you know a person who helps others perform better? Shouldn't they be recognized? Click Here to download a nomination form and send your story to Fern.. If your anthropomaximologist is selected he/she could win prizes and get some much need recognition.
Your continued success and growth is my greatest motivation.

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